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Is Tennis a Good Fitness Option for My Kid?

Adults are accountable for their fitness. And for the same, they go to the gym, attend aerobic and Zumba classes, go for a walk, play games, do yoga, and others. It’s because they know and understand the importance of fitness. But, what about the kids?

They will not follow any fitness regime or go for any fitness classes but keep eating whatever they like. Also, they won’t consider fitness important. And as parents, you can neither stop them from eating nor pressure them to exercise.

To keep your kid fit, the only way is sports which include a fun element. It’s because kids at a young age don’t prefer any game with strict rules. It can spoil their moods and disrupt the flow of the sessions.

According to us, junior tennis lessons would be a great idea. They are very different from adult tennis and are entertaining. With this, your kid will learn a sport as well as stay fit without any problem.

Tennis ensures fitness. How?

When compared to soccer- In soccer, players primarily use the lower part of the body. It’s because soccer is all about hitting the ball to the goal of the opponent team. For this, the players focus on drills to ensure quick movements and strengthen their legs.

When we talk about tennis, it involves shoulders, forearms, legs as well as hips while playing. It means all body parts are active. Players use shoulders to hit a forehead, forearms to set up and hit the shot, and legs and hips to ensure that the entire shot is hit correctly and accurately.

When compared with other racquet sports- In squash, the matches are short but very intense and fast-paced. Squash players don’t get time to rest in between the game. To play a game of squash, players must be flexible with strong reflexes for catching up with the fast pace.

When we talk about tennis, players use heavier equipment, and their motions are more compared to squash players. For a single stroke, there should be good hand-eye coordination with a strong physical condition to play up to 4 hours.

The major difference between squash and tennis concerning fitness is that squash players require the fitness level of a 1500-meter runner and tennis players require the fitness level of a 10000-meter marathon runner. So, you can determine how fit your kid will be after getting junior tennis lessons.

When compared to combat sports– Comparison between combat sports like boxing and MMA and tennis is impossible because both sports are different. The major difference is that combat sports are contact sports and tennis is a non-contact sport.

When we talk about fitness, both combat sports and tennis require elite levels of physical as well as mental fitness. The only thing is combat sports players require more mental fitness to continually push through the pain barrier and keep going and tennis players require physical fitness to ensure proper movement on the court.

The major disadvantage of combat sports is injuries, which are very serious and require time to recover.


Tennis is a good choice because it includes hand-eye coordination and lots of technical skills. It means your kid will learn a technically equipped sport as well as stay fit.