The United States Tennis Association (USTA) promotes afterschool tennis programs for children to ensure fitness and learning at an early age. These kinds of programs are introduced to fight child obesity in the country. It also lets trainers and parents develop an interest in children towards the game if they want to pursue it at the professional level. The afterschool tennis programs also aim to let your wards continue their studies while learning the game of tennis and staying fit.

The afterschool tennis programs give your child the opportunity to be physically active after school and during summer. It can play a great role to keep them away from activities that could cause obesity in their age. Consistent physical activity also has many other health benefits. According to a CDS study in 2010, regular physical activity also improves academic performance, increases concentration, and improves classroom behaviors while offering fitness benefits. The CDS recommended incorporating afterschool sports programming and physical activity to develop fitness and learning altogether.

The USTA took this opportunity to work with leaders and tennis providers to develop afterschool tennis programs in schools and private and commercial clubs to bring the most substantial change in tennis sport for the next generations. To meet the requirements, it changes many rules of tennis to scale the training appropriately for children between the ages of 6 and 10 years old. It encourages parents and children to take up the sport as part of an afterschool program. The rules of afterschool tennis programs ensure that:

These rules aim to introduce tennis training at the school level that can be provided in almost any recreational setting. Children can play the game of tennis without the need for traditional courts. Parents who have no formal tennis background can enroll their wards in their early for fitness and tennis learning together who have ambitions to promote them to competitive levels.

Many schools, clubs, and tennis academies have now incorporated summer and afterschool tennis programs in their schemes to encourage kids to pick the racquet. You can easily enroll your ward in afterschool tennis programs in Florida, Georgia, Virginia, New Jersey, and other states as per your requirements. Just connect with a tennis academy near you to know about tennis programs they offer to kids and young adults so that your ward can start training.

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