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Are you in love with the game of tennis? A tennis academy or club is the best place to meet with the best tennis coaches and enhance the skills of the game. Beginners often find playing tennis a little bit difficult as they might be unaware of the right techniques to follow. Join a top tennis academy in Florida to play with the professionals and master the art of the game.

Are you wishing to play tennis just like your favourite stars? That requires proper training and practice! With proper guidance, you may hit the training court with the same desire but will end up being on the losing side. Improvement in the game may not bring the desired results instantly. But, you will improve and start winning matches following the right technique and combining it with perfect training. Take the help of a top-tier tennis academy like Saviano High Performance Tennis Academy to sharpen up the game skills.

Here are 4 smart tips to improve tennis skills –

Do proper warm-up before the game

Warm-up, before the training or game is helpful in the loosening of muscles and get ready for the game. Learn the effective ways of warm-up and match fitness from a coach in the academy. Hit the tennis court with your coach and hit the ball slowly back & forth to get a feel of the ball.

Learn to hold racket the right way and check the footwork

Understanding the ways to hold a racket is one of the essential ways to improve tennis skills. The grip is determined by the part of your hand and racket held. Professional players use varied grips to suit their game.

In the tennis academy, special emphasis is laid on the enhancement of your footwork. For example you need to stay on your toes so that you are ready to launch and chase the ball down. The minute techniques and methods can be acquired from an experienced professional.

Build on strengths and fix the weaknesses

The focus should be on your strengths and don’t stress on building up your weaknesses. Every top play has their weaknesses too, but they don’t build a game around strengthening their weaknesses. Build on your strengths and see what you’re naturally good at. The coach then assists you in improvising on the existing strengths.

Do enough practice to master the moves

The best way to hone the tennis skills is by regular tennis coaching and practice. Regular practice and training is an ingredient to improve physical & mental skills. The tennis academy provides you the opportunity to practice for long hours under the coaching of a professional.

These are some of the tips to enhance the tennis skills, but there are also other ways to get the grip on the game. Join a top tennis academy in Florida to gain knowledge and skills of the game!  Sign up now with Saviano High Performance Tennis Academy and get quality tennis training from professional tennis experts.

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  1. Do you have any programs for individual seniors who still want to improve footwork and strokes? I may be interested in spending a week doing drills, privates & match play. Will most likely be in February.
    Previously spent time escaping Ohio winters every year for a week at The Colony and then Cedars. Practiced under Sammy Avila at the Colony before he moved on to Longboat Key.
    Thanks in advance!

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