Tennis is a tactical game. It requires a player to be super active on the court to be at the top of the game. When you look at your child to develop a decent all-around game, it’s time to invest some of your efforts and time too, to improve your child’s tennis skills. Tennis training is a group approach where a professional trainer, your kid, and you work together to develop a program for the overall development.

Tennis is not just about hitting the ball on the court, a player needs to develop strength, stamina, and flexibility through fitness and learning to make tactical moves to win the game in long rallies. It is not easy to develop the overall game and fitness altogether while learning the tactical moves during the training. Spending time in the middle of the court with a trainer is a good thing but parents also have a role in developing and improving their child’s tennis skills and fitness for the games.

In addition to enrolling your child in kids or youth tennis classes, you need to work with them at the personal level for the overall development. Here’re some ways you can improve your child’s skills inside and outside the court.

Watch Tennis with your child on TV

Watching their favorite pros of the game during the Australian Open, the US Open, Wimbledon, and the French Open is a great way to learn many things about the game. In your free time, try to spend some TV time with your child and watch professional players playing their best games but make it like a training session. Let your kid watch the game and enjoy it. Answer their questions and clear doubts but don’t make it adult-level analysis when they have just started to learn the game.

Go outside to play and run 

To become a successful tennis player at any competitive level, it is important to build a physique and achieve a fitness level. Play anything you and your child like to develop flexibility, agility, and balance skills for athletic development. These skills can be learned through several fitness activities and sports on the playground. All you need is to give them company so they could feel motivated.

Give them appropriate size equipment

Giving your child an adult-sized racquet or expecting them to manage the ball bouse with a tennis ball is not an ideal start. Make them play and learn with appropriate size racquet to adjust with the ball bounce, depending on their age and height. It is necessary to enhance their short- and long-term tennis skills.

You should also pick the racquet and learn the basics of the game so that you can play with them in your backyard. When you think your kid is ready to hit the court and learn professional skills, enroll in a group or private youth tennis classes to start the real training.

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