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Practicing Tennis in a Group-Based Setting: How Will You Benefit from It?

One of the best things about tennis is that a person of any age can play this sport. Tennis also welcomes players in different settings such as singles, doubles, and groups. Although you can’t play an actual tennis game on the court having three or more players on each side, no one can stop you from having such a fun activity with your family or friends.

Moreover, there are many benefits from training and learning sports in a group-based setting over a private one. Here, we’ll talk about some of the reasons why you should consider engaging in group tennis lessons.

Get motivated

Procrastination is a common issue in novice players. The thought of being tired and doing the drills the next day is frequent. In order to increase the motivational level to play tennis, joining a group is probably the best way to go.

Learning and playing tennis with your family and friends makes tennis a more worthwhile activity. That’s because you can enjoy playing the sports you like with people you love. Also, you’re more likely to continue more in training because you would want to make your loved ones proud of your play.

Leveling Up

When you are with other players in a group, there are more chances of leveling up because not every ball will just come straight back at you. It will help you adapt to different types of balls, which will help you level up.

With one-on-one private lessons for beginners, a coach will typically make sure the ball comes right back at them.

Learning from Others

When you play with other players, you can easily notice other’s mistakes and learn from them to fix your technique. You can also grasp new techniques that you won’t see in a private lesson.


When you are in a group setting for training or learning a sport, there is a lot of teamwork going on; everyone around you will try to keep the ball to stay in play. This teamwork will benefit you a lot as it will increase your mental and physical well-being.

Broaden Your Circle

You may have a lot of friends, but it still good to meet new people. Learning tennis with players at the same level gives you an excellent opportunity to socialize and widen your friend circle.


When you are in a group setting, you will be more accountable to keep the ball in play. On the other hand, in a private session, you’ll more likely give up on a point as you won’t be accountable to anyone.

Help Keep Stress Away

Playing tennis with a ball machine can be stressful. It might also defeat your purpose of playing tennis as a recreational activity. But having a group tennis lesson will make your play more interactive than ever.

Overall, group tennis lessons enable you to create an area of focus or learn something new. Moreover, playing tennis in a group is more fun and exciting.