Tennis is a sport that offers a pleasurable challenge, helps you make new friends, and keeps you healthy. But in order to play this sport professionally, you need to have a coach and a suitable place to play. And that’s where a top tennis academy near you can help you. Learning from an experienced coach will help you improve your tennis skills and boost morale.

However, to play any sport, you require some basic equipment and clothing. Here we’ll discuss what you should buy when joining a tennis academy.

Tennis Racket

You can purchase a good, standard tennis racket for $50-100. In order to simplify your choice and get a reasonable cost, try online shopping.

It’s always a good idea to shop from a physical store, as you can hold a racket in your hand and get the feel of it and assess the weight. You can also find some cheap rackets, ranging from $25 to 30. If your budget is low, the cheap ones made from the aluminum frame can do the job. But if you can extend your budget, you can get a graphite racket from a top manufacturer.

When you start playing tennis professionally, you will need two identical rackets. That’s because you can break a string when playing, potentially leaving you without a racket.


You might play tennis on a variety of surfaces in your academy. Thus, it’s imperative to obtain a pair of shoes that will offer you appropriate grip when running around the tennis court.

You can find specific shoes made for concrete courts, clay courts, and artificial grass. If you start on hard court, you’ll need shoes that have grooves in the soles. Such shoes will help prevent slipping and premature wear. Clay court shoes’ soles are softer, and they have more grooves. Omni-court shoe works the best on artificial grass.

Avoid wearing running shoes or general cross trainers as they are not ideal enough for the movements made in tennis. Thus, they will leave you vulnerable to ankle injuries. Also, these shoes generally don’t have non-marking soles.


While playing tennis, you will have to use arm strength and do a lot of running. Thus, you will sweat a lot, especially when playing in a warm area or indoors. You will feel distracted while playing as sweat will drip in your eyes. So, a towel is an essential addition to your equipment.

You can buy a small towel to minimize the tennis kit weight. Also, remember to wash it regularly to prevent your bag from becoming unpleasant and smelly.


Some tennis academies specify the tennis clothing. So, it is good to buy clothes made specifically for tennis. Choose loose-fitting, as you will get plenty of room to move.

Buy a few tops and a couple of pairs of shorts or skirts with a ball pocket. You will also need a pair of thick sports socks, as these will wear out quickly. For colder days, you can wear a sweatshirt, jogging trousers, or a tracksuit.

Final Thought

When you join a best tennis academy, you must try to get the right equipment if you can. That will help you to enjoy the game.

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