Program Overview

The Summer Visitor Developmental Program at Saviano High Performance Tennis (SHPT) is a highly focused, personalized, training program designed to help each player further develop all aspects of their game – technical abilities, strategies, mental and physical acumen. Our goal is for each player to reach maximum performance potential. The program is under the direction of Nick Saviano and will offer the following:


Nick Saviano directs the program each day. Each coach is personally selected by Nick and educated in the SHPT methodology of player development.


Students will develop individual game styles based on personal vision, on-court personality, physical attributes and weapons.


Each player will develop a clear understanding of their basic strategy as a player. Additionally, major emphasis will be placed on a player learning high percentage “generic” tactics and shot selection, as well as, personalized tactics which highlight the player’s individual weapons.

MOVEMENT: Footwork – Tracking – Recovery – Positioning

Player’s speed/agility, balance, and quickness on court will be assessed and improved. Additionally, recommendations will be made to the player regarding extra work with our physical training experts.


Maximizing each player’s athletic potential is a major goal of the program. Players will participate in a high performance physical training program on a daily basis to accomplish this objective.


Developing the mental skills and discipline to enable the player to reach their full competitive potential is a key component of the program. Player will work on these skills on and off the court daily.


Point situation play, set play and match play will be an integral part of the program on a daily basis.


Maximum 4 to 1 player to coach ratio or less at all times. Due to the limited number of players accepted into the program there, will be a significant amount of personal attention given to each player.


Each player can be videotaped for analysis, aiding in the development of their game.

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Full-Day Summer-Weekly Program

Schedule: Program runs 5 days a week: Monday – Friday

  • Session 1 General Warm-up
    9am – 11am
    Drilling/Point Play Duration: 2 hours
    *Break Lunch and Rest 10am – noon
    Duration: 2 hours
  • Session 2 Point/Set/Match Play – Singles & Doubles
    1pm – 3pm
    Duration: 2 hours
  • Session 3 Performance Training
    3pm – 4pm
    Duration: 1 hour

Program sizes are limited to uphold the integrity of our world-class training program.
Coach to player ratio is 1 to 4.
Minimum enrollment in SHPT Summer Training is one full week.
Players may choose to supplement their SHPT Training with private lessons.
Payment must be made in advance to secure a space in the program.
All checks payable to Saviano High Performance Tennis (SHPT).
All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Note: No refunds will be given for absentees, partial weeks or rain days.
Lunch: Not included in the cost of tuition. Drinks & snacks can be purchased on site

Can be taken (for an additional fee), before and after sessions.
Also available on Saturdays. Inquire with coaches for availability.

Summer – Weekly Program Overview

Full Day: $950 per week

Half Day: $650 per week


Week 1
June 7 – 11

Week 2
June 14 – 18

Week 3
June 21 – 25

Week 4
June 28 – July 2

Week 5
July 5 – 9

Week 6
July 12 – 16

Week 7
July 19 – 23

Week 8
July 26 – July 30

Week 9
Aug 2 – Aug 6

Week 10
Aug 9 – Aug 13


“I have been training with Nick’s academy since I was 12-years old full-time which I feel has significantly improved my skills and helped me achieve my dreams. I feel like he helps me not only with my tennis but every aspect that’s required to compete at this high level – the mental and tactical aspects as well. I have really big goals for my tennis, my ultimate goal is to win a Grand Slam and I just want to be as good as I can be. I have high expectations for myself and with Nick’s push and guidance I know I’ll get there.”

Eugenie Bouchard
Eugenie BouchardWTA PlayerEugenie Bouchard Wiki

“Nick is [Sloane’s] foundation. He’s been there from the beginning and knows every nuance of her game, tactically and emotionally.”

Sybil Smith
Sybil SmithMother of Sloane StephensSloane Stephens Wiki

“Only a few people in tennis have the background of Nick Saviano to take a player’s game to the next level of excellence.”

Nick Bollettieri
Nick Bollettieri

“We (Stanford) just won the [NCAA Team National Championships]. I clinched in the third set 7-5. I just wanted to let you know that I would never be the player that I am without your support and coaching. I would not have been able to pull that one out for my team if it were not for the game you built for me and the mental toughness that you instilled in me. You are the first person that I think about when I do great things on the court. Thank you for everything”

Mallory Burdette
Mallory BurdetteStanford University, NCAA National Champion

“Nick’s experiences as the USTA coach to our country’s top junior players in all of the Junior Majors, his evolution as the instigator/prime advocate and developer of our national High Performance Coaching Program, his authorship of one of the best teaching books ever written, “Maximum Tennis,” and his continuing development of top players at his Saviano High Performance Tennis program, including several Stanford University stars, certainly qualify him as one of the world’s very top coaches. His knowledge of tennis can take a young player just as far as he/she wishes to go! Everyone who has ever had the opportunity to work with Nick, including many of my former Stanford players, can describe him with these words – Nick is unqualifiedly ‘The Very Best!’

Dick Gould
Dick GouldHead Coach, Stanford University, 17 NCAA Team Championships

“Nick Saviano is as exceptional a tennis coach as exists in the game today. He is a complete coach which is a rarity; he understands every aspect of the sport and is uniquely capable of helping his students in every way. I have been a student of Nick’s since I started the sport at 9 years old, much of my understanding and approach to the sport can be directly attributable to his teachings. Nick is a person of great character and integrity, when combined with his technical acumen, psychological understanding, tactical expertise, and developmental knowledge creates an unmatched ability to develop and nurture talent.”

Justin Gimelstob
Justin GimelstobTV Analyst, Member ATP Board of Representatives, Retired ATP World Tour Player

“Hey Nick, just was rereading your 13 psych tips for champions again…It keeps reminding me about just how good a coach you are. Hope you are doing well. Go SHPT!”

Dave Borelli
Dave BorelliHead Coach, Texas Christian University

“As a graduate of two Ivy League schools, training and teaching in surgery at Harvard Medical School, and as the parent of five children playing competitive sports, I have never seen a teacher as gifted as Nick Saviano. His uncanny ability to assess a player’s personality and mental stages of a player’s development to transmit his unequaled knowledge of the technical aspects of tennis have helped our daughter’s game and national ranking skyrocket in just one year at SHPT. Needless to say her strokes have improved, but more importantly she has learned to believe in herself and compete for every point.”

C.H. M.D.
C.H. M.D.Cardiothoracic Surgeon

“I want to thank Nick and all of your wonderful staff for having such a profound impact on [my son’s] tennis. I truly believe that the academy’s impact made the difference in him being recruited to play D1 college tennis. I’m sure we will be in touch on college breaks and such so that [he] can continue to get the high quality training from your staff. Thanks for everything!”

ParentSHPT Student

“He is one of the most educated and well known individuals that you will ever meet in the tennis world.”

SHPT Student
SHPT Student

“Nick, we just wanted you to know that we appreciated all that you did for us as a family and it was mainly through coming to your Academy and your skilled guidance that he obtained the tennis scholarship. It’s taken all this time for us to reflect back and realize the incredible journey we went on to get to where he is today and we very grateful for your support of this.”

ParentSHPT Student

“Fortunately enough for me, Nick Saviano became my coach when I was fifteen…Nick was the best coach I could have ever asked for because of his ability to elevate my tennis game, and at the same time assist in my personal growth.”

SHPT Student
SHPT Student

“Fortunately enough for me, Nick Saviano became my coach when I was fifteen…Nick was the best coach I could have ever asked for because of his ability to elevate my tennis game, and at the same time assist in my personal growth.”

SHPT Student
SHPT Student

“Nick has an eye that no one else has…After hours of lessons, Nick never once got frustrated with me, and he always tried to rephrase the concept so I might have an easier time of understanding it. Through his perseverance and positive attitude as my coach, my serve not only had more spin, but it developed into a weapon.”

SHPT Student
SHPT Student

“Nick’s commitment to making sure that I went into each match and even each point with the right frame of mind improved my mental toughness and overall game.”

SHPT Student
SHPT Student

“Nick always helped me put tennis in perspective, which helped me enjoy the competition and to not play afraid.”

SHPT Student
SHPT Student

“The life lessons that I learned from Nick about playing one point at a time, embracing the struggle, playing without fear, and learning to keep losses in perspective will have a positive influence on all aspects of my life.”

SHPT Student
SHPT Student

“Nick Saviano was such a great coach and an important role model in my life. He has taught me so much about the game of tennis, and also important life lessons. Because of him, my technical tennis abilities improved drastically. My game was no longer centered around winning and losing, but on loving the competition.”

SHPT Student
SHPT Student

“I learned how to embrace struggles, and understand that life will be full of challenges. No matter how many times I made the same mistake, Nick never got frustrated with me, always giving me positive reinforcement. He made sure that I was going to achieve my goals, and was willing to help me anyway he could. Nick Saviano not only made me a better tennis player, he also made me a better person!”

SHPT Student
SHPT Student

“Coming to the Saviano tennis academy was such a gift because it granted me a view at a higher caliber of tennis, and challenged me in ways that places back home couldn’t. When I arrived, not only was the tennis on another level, I truly appreciate how dedicated everyone was and I am thankful to coach Saviano for taking the time to give me tips to improve my game.I really got better in a short time. Thank you again for a marvelous experience. We will be in touch because we would like Amyas to return this summer for two weeks.”

Kate Ryan
Kate RyanMother Amyas Ryan

“Adi and Arnav had a fantastic 2 weeks at SHPT. It is inspiring to see the
kids push themselves to performing at their limits. The peer group at your
academy is exceptional and the coaches are absolutely professional and
dedicated, the kids loved it. Our sincere thanks to all of them. And of
course the conversations with Coach Nick have been invaluable. We appreciate
his evaluating the boys in the short time he had.”

Adi & Arnav
Adi & ArnavSHPT Students

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