Kids Tennis Classes

Tennis Lessons For Schools Kids

We at Saviano Tennis are committed to providing tennis lessons for kids, including learning the basics of tennis with fun activities. The fundamental areas cover balance, coordination, agility, movement, racket and ball skills. Our topmost priority of kids tennis lessons is to make it fun, to ensure that every kid is involved. We aim to make kids’ tennis lessons cheerful while they grasp the basics of tennis.

We individually select our coaches for individual kids to ensure their ability to work with kids and to ensure each kid gets the best out of their lessons.

Kids Tennis Lessons – For 4 To 14 Years Old

Our kids’ tennis lesson in Miami covers ages from 4 to 14-year-old kids. The kids at Saviano learn in a fun, friendly and safe environment. Each semester includes learning of 8-12 weeks. We give importance to every kid and hire the best teachers from NYC. If you are a parent, we assure you that your kid will be given equal importance.

Our teachers are passionate about teaching, emphasizing creating a fun yet safe environment with kid-friendly racquets, nets, and balls.

After Schools Kids Tennis Classes

After school, we provide kids tennis classes that help children and youth alike learn and develop their tennis skills. A fun and friendly environment are what boosts their experience, and they excel often. We have classes for 10 & 7 under formats for the kids, while for other children and teens, we have more progressive tennis skills depending on age and experience.

One-One-Personal Tennis Coaching for Kids

Our private kids tennis classes are a way to provide attention-based classes, where we modify our lessons to fit each kid’s requirements for growth. This can include improvement lessons of specific stroke or development of strategies, tactics for the tournament, etc. Private lessons can be anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes and help a kid accelerate skills levels and match play.