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Anticipation Skills- Practice to Enhance Anticipation

As we have discussed, every player at any level can work to improve anticipation skills through practice. However, it is critical to understand what types of practice and drills can enhance anticipation, and what types of practice and drills are harmful to developing anticipation skills. Beneficial Drills – Drilling concepts that improve and enhance anticipation […]

Establishing the Optimum State Mentally and Physically for High Performance Anticipation Skills

The concepts below, many of which are adapted from my book, Maximum Tennis: 10 Keys to Unleashing Your On-court Potential, are geared toward aspiring high-level players looking to reach their full potential. Each fundamental principle will facilitate the development of movement skills while simultaneously optimizing the player’s ability to anticipate. They will ensure that the […]

Anticipation Skills- Accelerating the Learning Curve

Players of all levels can significantly accelerate the learning curve by training specifically to improve anticipation skills. Just by working on principles discussed so far in this chapter you naturally will improve your anticipation skills. To accelerate the learning curve even more, here are a few helpful training tips on how to specifically improve anticipation. […]

Anticipation Skills- Types of Anticipation

There are primarily six major factors that will provide you with the information you need to anticipate on every shot. 1) Intrinsic Awareness: Assessing the quality of your shot This involves recognizing on impact (and slightly thereafter) the quality—or lack thereof—of your shot and the potential ramifications of this. This is an early form of […]


Reaction time: The interval of time between the onset of a signal or cue, often called the stimulus, and the initiation of a response. It is the amount of time it takes the brain to recognize what to do, combined with the time it takes for the muscles to start to move for the shot. […]

Anticipation Skills

Movement skills and anticipation are inseparable, and they are both critical components to maximizing your tactical abilities. Anticipation is essential during match play because of the great demand on player movement and the minimal time available for adjustment. If you anticipate well, you will get to the ball quicker, neutralize and defend better, and be […]