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Basic Physical Qualities You Need to Become a Good Tennis Player

Are you dreaming to become a professional tennis player to compete at the highest level? Or do you want to skill the athleticism and technique of your favorite tennis legend? It is all possible with the right training and tennis classes. a professional tennis coach can help you develop mental skills and techniques that are […]

Afterschool and Summer Tennis Programs: Importance and Benefits!

Are you worried about your child becoming obese, especially because it is unhealthy? Well, for quite a while now, there has been a huge amount of encouragement towards making it easier for your child to indulge in physical and sports activities, whether it is during school days or summer break. Tennis is one of those […]

A 3-Step Guide to Prepare For a Tennis Tournament

There is no one, literally no one who would join tennis classes just for fun or for the sake of staying physically active. For that, professional training is not required; people can play with their friends and enjoy their time and stay fit. The primary aim of tennis classes is to become a well-renowned tennis […]

What Do Kids Learn in their First few Tennis Lessons?

Tennis is a skillful and highly active sport for all ages. In the world of smartphones, social media, and fast food, it can be hard to get your kids to exercise or even go outside. Playing a sport like a tennis can be exciting and rewarding for your kids. It is excellent for building hand-eye […]

Three Key Aspects that Make a Tennis Academy Right for Your Child

Just like every other sport that is relevant today, tennis has also evolved significantly with time. And thanks to this evolution, tennis players today tend to become complete athletes during their careers. The players today have to adapt to this evolution while preparing for their matches. Apart from training for hours on the court, there […]

Anticipation Skills- Practice to Enhance Anticipation

As we have discussed, every player at any level can work to improve anticipation skills through practice. However, it is critical to understand what types of practice and drills can enhance anticipation, and what types of practice and drills are harmful to developing anticipation skills. Beneficial Drills – Drilling concepts that improve and enhance anticipation […]