Summer Training Program

Daily Schedule (Monday – Friday)

Session 1

Two Hours

General Warm Up

Drilling / Point Play


Lunch and Rest

Session 2

Two Hours

Set/Match Play

Session 3

Physical Training


Private Lessons and Additional Fitness

Summer Program Weeks

Week 1: June 3
Week 2: June 10
Week 3: June 17
Week 4: June 24

Week 5: July 1
Week 6: July 8
Week 7: July 15
Week 8: July 22

Week 9: July 29
Week 10: August 5
Week 11: August 12
Week 12: August 19


    • SHPT must limit program sizes in order to uphold the integrity of our world-class training program.
    • Coach-to-player ratio is one coach to 4 or less players. Never more than 4 players to a court.
    • Systematic Training:
      Using the developmental plan as the guide, a systematic and comprehensive approach to training our students is implemented so as to achieve the most efficient and effective developmental program.
    • Strategy, Tactics, Shot Selection and Pattern Development:
      Each player will develop a clear understanding of their basic strategy as a player. Additionally, major emphasis will be placed on a player learning high percentage “generic” tactics and shot selection, as well as, personalized tactics which highlight the player’s individual weapons.
    • Players may choose upon request to supplement their SHPT Summer Training with private lessons.

Please call us at (954) 473-3330 or email to customize a training program for you.